How Trauma Therapy Works

You’re feeling stuck

You're feeling stuck and alone. You want to move forward, but the things you've tried are not working. Now, you do what you need to get through each day. You've been doing that for a while, but you want more. You want full life.

If your therapy is all "talk", it won't help. You could go around in circles for years and never take one step forward. In therapy you want more than just "insight", you want the ability to stop panic attacks, feel better about yourself, be more present, to be productive at work, and have healthy relationships. You want tools. Not just talk.

Combining talking + building skills can help

In trauma therapy with us, we'll combine tools and talk. Talking, especially about the past, is hard. That's why our first few sessions are devoted to building skills until you feel safe enough to share. Talking about the future can be difficult, too. That's why we spend time breaking down any impossible-sounding goals into small manageable steps.

We'll also think about the ways the trauma has lowered your self-confidence, your ability to focus, your work functioning, and trust of others. We'll provide tools and encouragement to raise them again. We'll practice; we'll role play. We'll go at your pace. Sometimes that means dropping the plan for the session altogether so we can focus on you feeling safe. Our goal is to equip you with the tools to work yourself through your struggles when you're out of the office.

Trauma tools we use

We use a number of techniques and tools to go beyond talk therapy to help you heal.  We use somatic techniques to help you address the symptoms that show up out of nowhere sometimes to make it difficult to get through the day. We turn to Parts Work to help heal some of the deep hurts and relationship wounds, and at times we use brain-based techniques to help you process through past hurts more deeply.


If trauma therapy sounds like what you're looking for, then we can't wait to hear from you!

Common Questions

When we hear the words "abuse" or "trauma", we tend to think of things like war, airplane accidents, and sexual abuse. But the reality is there are many life situations that can be traumatic.

A toxic relationship, the death of a loved one, an unexpected illness, racism, poverty... all of these things can be traumatic in that they can change who you are and make you feel stuck, confused, or lost.  If you aren't sure if what happened to you falls into this category, that's okay. We can talk about that together in our first meeting.

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