You know something isn't quite right. Your days blur into each other, a series of disconnected moments that don't seem to piece together into a coherent whole.  It’s as though the world moves on outside, yet inside, you're stuck, replaying moments, thoughts, and feelings that seem to tether you to a place you desperately wish to move beyond.  You're in your head a lot, aren't you?  It feels like you're sleepwalking through life, touching moments but never fully experiencing them. This feeling of being lost, of being stuck in your head, grappling with a sense of numbness or feeling trapped—it's overwhelming. And yet, despite this, there's a spark within you that refuses to be extinguished. You don't want the trauma to define you. You believe in the possibility of a life that not only moves beyond pain but also shines brightly, guiding others who have faced their own struggles.

I see you. I understand that weight of expectation to heal even when it feels beyond reach. The process of healing isn't about erasing the past but about reclaiming your story. It's about understanding that while the trauma may be a part of your life, it doesn't have to dictate your identity or your future.

Here’s how we can work together

In our work together, we'll start from a place of empathy and understanding. I bring to our space not just professional expertise but a wealth of personal experiences that have taught me the value of listening, the power of diverse perspectives, and the lightness that laughter can bring even in our deepest conversations. My background, having lived across different cultures and navigated the complexities of various life stages and professions, enriches our sessions with an appreciation for the unique path each person walks. This diversity in my own life helps me connect with you, wherever you are on your journey, offering insights that are as varied as they are deep.

Our work together is built on a foundation of trust, openness, and a shared commitment to exploring and understanding the depths of your experiences. It's about recognizing that while the path to healing is personal, you don't have to walk it alone. We'll explore integrative techniques that draw from the wisdom of various therapeutic traditions, including mindfulness practices that can help ground you in the present and open up new pathways for growth and healing.

This process is about more than just overcoming trauma; it's about transforming your relationship with yourself and the world around you. It's about building a life that reflects who you are and who you want to be, not the pain you've experienced. Together, we'll work towards a future where your life is defined not by trauma, but by your resilience, your strength, and your capacity to light the way for others.

What it means to me to work anti-oppressively

For me, being anti-oppressive means together examining the explicit and implicit privileges and power dynamics at play in your life, and putting their experiences in context, while staying curious, non-judgmental, humble, open to feedback so that I can best meet your needs. I also believe in being unbiased but never neutral when you share what oppression has been like for you. 

The details:

I received my Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling degree in Bridgewater State University and work under the supervision of Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW.

I am comfortable working with the following approaches:

  • Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT)
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As a staff member at Healing Well Counseling, I am committed to training in trauma and ongoing learning in anti-oppressive approaches as I work with people with marginalized identities.

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