We're Hiring!

We are looking for trauma-informed and anti-oppression focused
early career mental health therapists to join our virtual team!

Part-Time and Full-time positions available. Massachusetts only.

If you think you may be a good fit, we'd love it if you would apply to join our newly forming team.

Healing Well Counseling Values


You'll primarily work with survivors of interpersonal traumas like child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence through a "bottom-up" lens.

Holistic Approach

You care about whole-body health, because you mental health is connected to the health of our social connections, bodies, and environments.


You are committed to continually examining and redressing how oppression, identity, and violence play out within the therapy process & with staff relationships.


We value two-way feedback, being responsible for our commitments, humility, and taking ownership when we miss the mark.

Continual Learning

Learning is never done. We want to keep an ear to how we can do best by our clients, as well as commit to learning from each other.

Staff Care

Too many therapists get into the field and burn out within a year. We're committed to taking care of our staff, and listening to what you need.

In addition to our values, we are seeing seeking clinicians that are:

  • Licensed Early Career Mental Health Therapists (LCSW)
  • License eligible LMHC track clinicians
  • Able to see  26-30 clients per week (FT) or 15-25 clients per week (PT)


License-eligible LMHCs and pre-licensed LCSW's who have been approved to take their exam are encouraged to apply.


Our hiring process includes a few steps. Our focus is to move through the process quickly and efficiently (the first few steps can happen in a few days), as well as get to know each other well enough to be able to make the best hiring decisions.

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You'll get the process started by completing the job application and assessment. We'll let you know right away if we'd like to move forward.


Video Intervivew

The next step is a one-way video interview you can complete on your own time. We'll ask you a few questions to get to know you better. 

1-2 Live Virtual Interviews

We'll meet for a virtual interview. There we'll discuss any questions about the position and get a good sense of interpersonal fit. We may do a second live virtual interview to discuss any outstanding questions if needed.

Written Interivew

We'll ask you to write a few clinical notes based on a sample client. This will help us get to know your strengths and weaknesses with documentation. 

Checks & Offer

If we decide to move forward, we'll go through various checks, including contacting your references, a license check, and a background check. If everything seems in order, we'll offer the position!

my profile


Hi there. I'm Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW the owner of Healing Well Counseling. Glad you're here! Please take a listen to some of my thoughts on the vision and direction of the practice as we grow.


We want you to feel like you are taken care of, as a whole person (not just an employee), when you're on staff at Healing Well Counseling. We are continually looking for new ways to do this, but here is what we offer so far:

Trauma Training & Continuing Education

So you can do your job with confidence, we provide stipends for training in trauma and give you access to resources to complete your required continuing education for the year.

Clinical & Peer Supervision Meetings

We want you to feel supported in your work. You'll have access to a supervisor and peers to talk with about any areas you feel stuck or need encouragement, as needed and in twice/month meetings.

Done-For-You Marketing & Billing

We take care of the administrative work, like marketing and billing, so that you can focus on meeting with your clients. You'll see clients, write your notes, and the rest of the admin is taken care of.

Health & Wellness Monthly Benefit *

We provide a monthly health and wellness benefit that you can use to reimburse your health insurance costs, or towards other needs like prescription eyeglasses or cold medicine.

Paid Sick Time *

We want you to be able to take care of yourself and your family without worrying about the pay that day. If you are full-time, you are eligible to receive paid sick time for sessions you would otherwise attend.

Work From Home

All your sessions and meetings will take place via video. Working from home means you can see clients from all over Massachusetts, in an environment that is comfortable for you, while saving on travel and workday expenses.

Opportunities for Career Advancement

As the team grows, we'll create opportunities for therapists to move into leadership roles (Supervisor, Trainer, Clinical Director, etc).  We'll also support you to be a confident leader with leadership training.

Your Schedule How You Want It

Whether you prefer to work only in the mornings, have extended lunch breaks, or want a four-day week, you're in control of your schedule. We'll support you to structure your day in how it works best for you.


*asterisked benefits are for full time positions only


We are a small practice right now, but as we grow, we plan to find more ways to care for our staff, train a new generation of clinicians, provide more career opportunities, and reach new clients. Here are the goals we have between now and 2023:


Offer Advanced Trauma Training

We are prioritizing training our staff in one or more advanced trauma protocols (such as EMDR, Brainspotting, IFS, etc).



Offer even better benefits

To be effective as a practice we have to care, and that begins with our staff. As we grow, we'll be able to look at benefits like Student Loan Repayment, retirement benefits, and Paid Time Off (PTO) for our staff. 


MARCH 2024

Offer opportunities for advancement

As our practice grows, we'll be looking to current staff for higher roles, such as clinical supervisor, intern supervisor, community trainer, quality assurance manager and clinical director.

MARCH 2024

JUNE 2024

Offer salaried positions

We want to be able to care for our staff by offering consistent weekly pay to help lessen the stress of day-to-day expenses.

JUNE 2024

JULY 2024

Expand to other US States

We plan to expand to providing telehealth services in multiple states, and by October, we will begin recruiting therapists in one new state each quarter. 

JULY 2024


Have a team of 20 therapists

Within a year, we aim to have a team of 20 (or more) therapists across multiple states, so we can build a strong community of trauma therapists to support each other.


JULY 2025

Bring in other wellness professionals

To move toward becoming a more holistic practice, we'll hire other professionals from complementary disciplines, including nurse practitioners, life coaches, and yoga therapists. 

JULY 2025

Interested? View the job details and application:

View the detailed job ad, and if interested, tell us more about you, your experience, and your interest in working with us. Share your resume  as well. If it seems like we might be a good fit, we'll be in touch.

Not ready to apply yet? Join our hiring network.

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Clinicians that require supervision (LCSWs & Pre-licensed LMHCs)

If you graduated within the last two years and still require supervision towards your licensure, apply here.

Massachusetts Only
Not currently hiring independently licensed clinicians