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If you've been in therapy before, you may have had the experience of working on an issue with your therapist, and by the time you just start getting deep into what you have to say, the time is up.

It's an unsettling feeling to have to wrap things up just as you begin.

The insurance-dictated "industry standard" for therapy sessions is 45 to 50 minutes (60 at most). While this is okay for certain issues, for people healing from trauma, this is almost never truly enough.


What if there was another way?


What if you could spend the first few minutes settling into the session - maybe with some somatic techniques, like deep breathing, yoga, grounding, or a mindfulness meditation?

What if you could then take the next two hours to work together, at a pace that feels right to you, with a break in between to drink some water, stretch and think? What if you didn't have to rush through the agenda in the limited time you get for the week?

Then, after the work you've done together, you could spend 15 to 20 minutes easing back out of the intensity of the session, slowly getting your bearings back with your therapist, before you head back to work?


At Healing Well Counseling, we are now offering 2 and 1/2 hour extended sessions, and week-long intensive therapy sessions. This is perfect if you want more time to work through trauma at a pace that feels right to you.

Common Questions:

An extended therapy session is the equivalent of four 1-hour therapy sessions (in terms of the amount of work that can get done during that session). A 2 and 1/2 to 3 hour extended session is currently $490 per session.