Clinical Supervision

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You are looking for a place to build skills, to get support through challenges, and to gain professional confidence.   For you, "supervisor" is synonymous with "teacher" and "mentor", someone who listens and adjusts so you get the most out of the experience, all while providing you with the skills and tools to grow. Your dream is to work in trauma, in domestic violence or in private practice, and you'd like the kind of clinical supervision that will get you one step closer to that goal.


What skills do you want to learn?
Where do you see yourself - professionally - in a few years?
How do you learn best?


These are the three questions I will ask you first! Our entire supervisor relationship will be based on what you hope to learn, how you learn, and where you want to be.  While you gain the experience, I'll work to provide you with the resources and skills to grow and to think critically through your cases, so you feel comfortable working through challenging situations.


The Process: 
1.   To get started, contact me to set up an interview. You can either call, email, or use the form on this page.If you need supervision for your field placement, have your field liaison contact me about the requirements for your practicum. I am a NECON trained field supervisor.

2.  If we agree to work together, we'll set up an initial meeting.

3.   During our first few meetings together, we'll talk about your learning style, your internship goals, and long-term professional goals. We will also set up weekly supervision times and dates.

4.   During ongoing sessions, we will review the past week, successes and difficulties, coursework (if applicable), and work towards any other goals we have together. I will keep track of our meetings together so I can provide a solid reference to you in the future.

5.   After our formal supervision relationship ends, I look forward to being available for consultation - or coffee - in the future!

Interested in supervision? Contact me using the form below.