Domestic Violence Clinical Consultation

About Clinical Consultation

Are you working with a domestic violence case where you feel stuck or unsure what direction to head in next? Or perhaps you would like help connecting your client to resources in your area that might help.  I provide domestic violence clinical consultation to mental health clinicians, and I'd be happy to connect with you for an hour to discuss your case and your options.

For several years, I served as the director of a local domestic violence program, where I worked closely with regional domestic violence agencies, law enforcement and legal teams, coordinated community discussions on DV, and served on our local high-risk team, where we provided wrap-around services to some of the most dangerous cases in our area. I also provided counseling, group therapy, and referral services to survivors dealing with domestic violence.  As a result, I regularly find myself in a position of assisting clinicians who feel stuck on their cases.

For many of us, our initial Domestic Violence training didn't quite cover what we needed to know. So it often feels like we are catching up to what we should know. Clinical Consultation can cover some of that gap, by helping you learn what you need to know to serve your clients well. Get resources, get information and get unstuck.


How to Get Started

Use the form below to schedule one-hour consultation either online in a HIPAA secure video chat or over the phone.