Articles on Abuse & Trauma

What To Do When You Feel Worthless

Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW Sometimes you feel so down and alone that you wonder if anyone really cares about you. Perhaps you question why so much bad has happened to you, and think, “Is something wrong with me?”.  Maybe you are harsh, whispering things to yourself you would never say to anyone else. You just can’t…

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loved one with ptsd

How to Care for Your Loved One with PTSD

Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW How to Care for Your Loved One with PTSD When you have a loved one dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, it can sometimes be hard to know how to help. Here are a few suggestions for how to care for your friend or family member with PTSD:   Listen…

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Need a Break? 25 Self-Care Ideas for Every Situation

  Sometimes we need to take time to relax, recharge, and clear our heads. Taking time for yourself – whenever we have the opportunity – is important for our health. Here is a list of 25 ideas, perfect for whatever type of break you need at the moment.   When you need to be alone…

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Favorite Books on Trauma

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