Need a Break? 25 Self-Care Ideas for Every Situation


Sometimes we need to take time to relax, recharge, and clear our heads. Taking time for yourself – whenever we have the opportunity – is important for our health. Here is a list of 25 ideas, perfect for whatever type of break you need at the moment.


When you need to be alone
Take a long bath
Sing in the shower
Read a book
Pray or meditate
Unplug from the screens (tv, computer, etc)When you need to relax
Spend time with your pet, or visit a pet store
Do yoga
Get a massage
Practice progressive muscle relaxation
Go swimming

When you need to let off steam
Go for a run or long walk
Work out at the gym
Dance to upbeat music
Punch a pillow
Play a team sport
When you need support
Call a friend
Talk to your counselor or clergy
Join a support group
Invite a friend to coffee
Find a mentor

When you want to be healthier
Drink enough water
Get enough sleep
Drink tea
Eat Breakfast
Take your vitamins

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