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Five Reasons Why Couples Counseling Doesn’t Work For Abuse [Video]

Have you gone to couples counseling to address your partner’s abuse? If you have, and it didn’t help (or made things worse), you are not alone. Couples Counseling is usually not helpful if you’re with an abusive partner. Here are five reasons why: This video was originally posted live on our facebook page.

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Common Abuse Tactics You May Not Know About [Video]

In this video, Jocelyn talks about three common abuse tactics that are often not discussed in the public.  Have you heard of these before? This video was originally posted LIVE on our facebook page.   The first one mentioned is “Love Bombing” which often shows up as a whirlwind romance that suddenly, dramatically changes.  Second,…

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Domestic Abuse: 5 Control Tactics and How to Counter Them

Being in a toxic relationship often feels like standing in the middle of a thick fog. In that type of hazy environment, you can’t sense directions, you don’t know what’s up or what’s down, and you can’t make out anything clearly. Did you see something, someone? Or was it just an illusion? In a very similar…

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Grounding Techniques: Individualized Coping Skills That Really Work

As discussed in the article “Trauma Survivors: Why Relaxation Skills Don’t Work and What to Do Instead”, grounding techniques* are different from relaxation techniques because they have a different aim. The goal of relaxation is to calm us, while the goal of grounding is to engage our senses to direct us back to the present.…

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Why Relaxation Techniques Don’t Work for Trauma & What to Do Instead

There it is again. That familiar feeling. Maybe it was triggered by a smell, a look, a sound, a certain phrase, a tone of voice, or the way someone treated you. It rushes through your body. Catching you off gaurd. Immediately putting you on high alert. The words you’ve been told so many times by well-meaning…

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Getting Through A Trauma Anniversary

It happens every year. A thick fog sets in all around you. There’s a heavy depression you can feel deep in your bones. You realize that despite all the work you’ve done to heal, you feel confused, lost, afraid and numb all over again. And it just… won’t… let… up. And it all seems eerily familiar.…

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