Adjunct Therapy for Trauma

We can work collaboratively with you and your client

Do you have a client healing from trauma that you'd like to work with together? We can provide short-term (4-12 weekly sessions), long term, extended therapy or intensive trauma therapy for a client you are seeing for regular weekly sessions, via telehealth.

Perhaps you are working with a client for talk therapy, and feel they could use the support of focused Brainspotting, Parts Work, or skill-building sessions so your client can continue to make progress.

Maybe you and/or your client are feeling stuck and a change of format or pace may help your client move past that point. Or perhaps you already provide trauma therapy but would like the client to work on a specific therapy goal in an intensive format.

Adjunct therapy does not replace or interrupt your ongoing therapy. It is meant to supplement your primary work together. We'll also work collaboratively and are happy to share reports and a post-intensive plan with you as needed (with the client's permission, of course).


Who provides Adjunct Therapy?

Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW provides adjunct therapy which can be a combination of skill-building (via somatic techniques like grounding), healing attachment and developmental trauma difficulties through Parts Work, and/or trauma processing through Brainspotting.



How do I get my client started with Adjunct Therapy?

You can use the contact form below to get started. If there is availability, we'll connect for a session to discuss your client and their needs, and make a plan for our work together.



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