About Us

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We believe in deep healing

Healing from experiences that have hurt you at the core requires healing at the core. That means sometimes, the healing we provide has to go deeper than words. We talk, but we also provide practical take-home tools to heal from deep hurts.


We believe in the power of healing relationships

Healing relatonships are at the center of the work we do. It is the foundation. Healing relationships are what restore the pain from broken relationships.

We believe in safety through humility

We aim to be safe for people of all races, sexualities, genders, body types, abilities, and religions. To us, that means we never arrive there, but maintain a constant posture of listening, learning, and humility. We are advocates. We are anti-oppression. We are counselors that have spent a lifetime listening and learning from the people around us.


We believe in community

We don't heal in a vacuum. We heal in community. We create community where needed. We honor the strengths of our local community to support its' members healing. We provide holistic care by partnering with healers of all types all around us.


About the name "Healing Well Counseling"

In some places, a water well is the center of a community. It's the place people go to to get not only their physical need for water met, but also for connection. They go to connect with people from other communities and to share stories and to be known. Then, after the return home, they pass on all they've received from the well to their neighbors and loved ones.

We are the same... although not so much a water well as a healing well. People from all over the Greater Boston area come to this place for the one thing: emotional healing... but also leave with connection: feeling seen, known, and heard. But all of that doesn't stay in the office. Our clients pass on all they receive to their own communities and loved ones.

Our goal is a ripple effect. We want to sthe dark places in our communities and world transformed. We want to see healing, hope, light, and wholeness brought more far and wide than we can imagine.

Start your healing now.

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