Meet Stephanie

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We work together so therapy is what you need

Do you ever feel alone while surrounded by people? It can be so hard to heal when you're not sure who to trust - which friends, partners, or even therapists, are people you can turn to. Maybe you've been hurt by someone who should love you. Maybe you're fighting a lot with your partner. Maybe you've tried therapy before, and it just didn't work. For all of those reasons and more, it takes courage to start a new counseling relationship. I'm honored that you're here. In therapy with me, we'll focus on working together to build trust, and to co-create a therapy relationship that will truly help you heal.

Healing through a restorative relationship

Relationships are powerful, whether for bad reasons or good ones. If you have been hurt by someone close to you, you understand how deeply it can impact you. Healing relationships are the same. Therapy can be just as powerful and restorative. From me, that includes listening well to what you need, working with humility, and apologizing quickly whenever needed. In therapy with me, you'll be treated with respect, and seen with dignity.

Clarity to move with confidence

Do you sometimes wonder why you went through everything you did? What "the point" of it all was and what you're supposed to do now?  These are hard questions, and when you're burdened with them alone, it can send you spiraling into self-doubt, self-hatred or to whatever will help you numb it all away. Therapy is about having a place where you can explore those questions at a pace that's helpful, in a way that's safest for you. This way you can take those steps with confidence, knowing that you have within you what you need to heal.

Nice to meet you! Let's connect:

Now that you know a little about me, let's connect! Whenever you are ready, you can set up your first session with me through the online scheduler below, or contact me through the website.