Counseling for
Trauma Survivors

Gain clarity & find freedom to take steps forward

Are you a trauma survivor?

Maybe you're not sure if what's happened to you "counts" as trauma. What you're sure of, is that you're feeling stuck. You've been hurt and those hurts keep spilling into every other part of your life: Your work isn't getting done. You feel isolated from people around you. You want to move forward in your life but those hurts keep pulling you back. Maybe you've tried therapy before and it didn't work. Maybe you get why you feel this way, but you're not sure how to heal. If any of that sounds like you... then welcome. You're in the right place.

If you’re feeling stuck after a hurtful relationship, we're
here to give you tools to take back your life.

How does therapy work?

Trauma therapy is a different kind of therapy. While we do talk and help you gain insight like most types of therapy, we are also very practical. We want you to leave our sessions with tools you can practice at home and at work to help you in the ways you feel stuck. From day #1, we'll talk with you about how to lower anixety, feel more present, and get unstuck.

Lower Anxiety

Learn how to lower your anxiety and stop panic attacks.

Gain Clarity

If you feel like you're in a fog, get help seeing more clearly.

Get Tools

We don't just talk in therapy we give you tools to heal.

Where We Meet

Our office is in Arlington, MA. We are within walking distance of Mass Ave, near the 77, 79, 67, 80, and 350 bus routes.

Arlington is centrally located to many other towns including Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Lexington, Winchester, Belmont, and Burlington, between routes 128, 95, 93, Route 2 and Route 3. There is free on-street parking.

Start your healing now.

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