Whole Person Therapy for Trauma Survivors

Integrating mind and body for deeper healing

Are you a Trauma Survivor?

Maybe you're not sure if what's happened to you "counts" as trauma. What you're sure of, is that you're feeling stuck. You've been hurt and those hurts keep spilling into every other part of your life: Your work isn't getting done. You feel isolated from people around you. You want to move forward in your life but those hurts keep pulling you back. Maybe you've tried therapy before and it didn't work. Maybe you get why you feel this way, but you're not sure how to heal. If any of that sounds like you... then welcome. You're in the right place.


If you’re feeling stuck on how to heal, we're here to give you tools to take back your life.


Our Trauma Services

Trauma therapy is a different kind of therapy. While we do talk and help you gain insight like most types of therapy, we are also very practical. We want you to leave our sessions with tools you can practice at home and at work to help you in the ways you feel stuck.

Trauma Therapy
Heal Deeply

Achieve deep healing with our trauma-focused therapy. Go beyond just talking with techniques that address the root causes and the impact of the trauma.

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Somatic Therapy
Release Stored Trauma

Release stored trauma with somatic therapy. Heal from the inside out by addressing the trauma stored in your body, reducing anxiety, stopping panic attacks, and feeling safer and more present.

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Parts Work Therapy
Resolve Internal Struggles

Find deeper healing with parts work therapy. Resolve internal struggles, gain clarity, and improve your well-being by understanding and integrating different parts of yourself.

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EMDR Therapy
Experience Breakthroughs

Experience breakthroughs with EMDR therapy. Reprocess traumatic memories, reduce emotional pain, lessen the day-to-day impact, and and find relief.

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telehealth therapy on responsive mode

Video Counseling

Our sessions are now all virtual! You will meet your therapist online through a secure video platform. We switched to online therapy permanently during COVID and have found that it is a great way for us to reach more people than we would be able to from one location.

Studies show that online video tele-therapy is just as effective at treating trauma and PTSD as it is in person.

Ready to give online trauma counseling a try?


"Mental health shouldn't be just about coping; it's about connection. Through finding those connections to your body, mind, each other, the land, and the world around us, true deep healing becomes possible. Disconnection keeps us unwell. Interconnection heals.”

- Jocelyn St.Cyr


Meet Our Trauma Counselors

Our counselors get ongoing training to provide counseling for trauma and the impact that a painful childhood, partner, incident, or oppressive systems can have on you.

LCSW, CCTP, Therapist
MEd, Therapist
LCSW, Therapist
LCSW, CCTP, Therapist
LCSW, Therapist
LCSW, CCTP, Therapist
Edm, Therapist
LCSW, CCTP, Therapist

Anti-Oppressive Trauma Services

Our practice is focused on trauma therapy from an anti-oppressive, liberatory lens. We are committed to recognizing and redressing the ways power impacts how we see each other and work together, committed to continual listening and learning, radical humility, returning to embodied, indigenous, and communal ways of healing, and acknowledging rather than suggesting people "cope" with systemic injustice. All therapists are committed to providing affirming care to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, bodies, abilities, genders, sexualities, and all intersections of those identities so there is space to truly, deeply heal.

Healing Well Counseling Process

Starting therapy can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to make it simple. Below, you can read through the steps of our therapy process, each designed to support your progress and facilitate your healing.


Schedule Your
First Session

We make it easy to find and set up your first session. Look for a therapist, learn about them, and then schedule a session in their calendar. 


Complete Our Intake Paperwork

We have you complete paperwork before your first appointment, so we can better focus the first session on you and what you need.


Your Goals

Talk with your therapist about what you’re hoping for in therapy, whether its a change to your internal life, home, work/school, or relationships.


Meet with Your Therapist

Set up regular sessions with your therapist. Build a relationship that sets the foundation of your healing process.


Build Healing Skills Together

Work with your therapist on mind-body tools that to help you reach your goals. Practice them in between sessions and long after you’ve completed therapy.

Start Your Healing Now

You don't even have to call us!
Schedule a session through our online calendar.